Cases involving driving license

We specialize in legal problems surrounding the driving license. If your driving license (or that of one of your employees) has been revoked and / or withheld, we can help you with a return as soon as possible. Initially, decisions are made only based on the perceived speed or the perceived alcohol or drug content measured in your breath or blood. That means there is still a lot to win after you lose your driver’s license in the first place.

We can immediately file a complaint in which we will also present your personal interests in addition to the formal points of law. Based on this, a balance of interests is made and in many cases we manage to get your driving license back pending a final decision in your case. It is also important to anticipate at an early stage the administrative consequences (from the CBR) or future consequences that attach to a possible conviction (the recidivism scheme). We also have extensive experience with these components.

We not only help you in the short term, but are happy to offer you a complete solution. Please contact one of our specialists directly so that we can tell you what to expect and what we can do for you.