Cassation procedure

The cassation proceedings are conducted at the highest court in the Netherlands, the Supreme Court. If you have been convicted on appeal (or have sometimes not been successful in court), it is possible to submit your case to the Supreme Court. However, it is also possible for the Public Prosecution Service to lodge an appeal in cassation against the judgment of the judge if they see reason to do so.

In these cases you have to rely on a lawyer to conduct this procedure on your behalf. This is necessary because this procedure differs in substance from a case before the court or the court of appeal. In cassation, the facts themselves are no longer looked at, and the case is not fully retried. This procedure examines whether the law has been properly applied. As a rule, no hearing takes place at which the appeal can be explained orally.

At this stage of the process it is therefore mandatory to be represented by a lawyer. In this phase of your case it is necessary to be assisted by a specialized criminal (cassation) lawyer. Jansen Kneepkens Rijnsburger advocaten can advise you on the basis of the file about the chances in cassation and can act on your behalf at the Supreme Court.