Criminal law (general)

Criminal law: We specialize in criminal law. That includes many things. We handle many ‘common’ cases within criminal law. These are the things that are usually laid down in the Criminal Code and include theft, threats, (serious) abuse, sexual offenses, weapons, drugs, murder and manslaughter. This is, of course, only an overview of the most common procedures, and we will also assist you if you are suspected of other crimes.

We also represent many (directors of) companies suspected of fraud. In the Netherlands, fraud is not an independent criminal offense, but a collective term that includes, for example, forgery of documents, fraud, bribery, money laundering or insider dealing. When (someone in) your company is the subject of investigation, it is important to contact a specialized lawyer directly.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in defense in criminal matters. Often clients only realise that they are subject of prosecution when they are requested to attend questioning or the police / enforcement has raided your premise. We urgently advise you not to answer any questions until you have contacted a specialized criminal lawyer.